Cutting unit with chain drive

A lightweight champion

Driven by chain, without gearbox or motor:
  • Super lightweight
  • Suitable for smallest mini-excavators of 1-3 tons operating weight
  • Maintenance-free chain drive
  • Power: 9,5 kW

Cutting units with gear drive for compact excavators

High performance always guaranteed

The best solution for mini excavators:
  • Gear ratio for maximum torque
  • Optionally with second engine for double power
  • For excavators from 3-8 tonnes operating weight
  • Power: 22/44 kW

Cutting units with direct drive

Less is sometimes more

Technology with three main components: Housing, motor and the chisel-equipped cutting heads.
  • Direct-drive cutter (without gearbox)
  • Saves the cost and complexity of a gearbox
  • For excavators from 8-33 tonnes operating weight
  • Power: 29/110 kW

Cutting units with gear drive for large excavators

Double engine power

  • 2-motor technology
  • Solid and robust design for high durability
  • For excavators from 40-65 tonnes operating weight
  • Power: 140/220 kW



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