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We offer attachments for machines with operating weight of 1 to 125 tonnes. Matched to the application, you will always achieve the optimum performance! 

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Without an excavator, many tasks are impossible - but without the right excavator attachments , you often don't get much further. Attachments are various accessoires for your excavator that help you to get out of many difficult situations and make your project possible in the first place.

At ROCK.ZONE you can get various excavator attachments that, with the right strength and technology, can quickly achieve what you have planned to do. Choose between different attachments, with individual fits, the right ones for your project - and you're ready to go!


Your excavator is versatile and accompanies you on numerous missions? Then it's important to have the necessary accessoires at hand that make further applications possible. Because with an excavator you can do way more than just digging holes in the ground. 

The following excavator attachments may be of interest to you: 

  • backhoe bucket and jaw crusher bucket 
  • screening bucket
  • attachment milling cutters (including road milling cutters as well as cutters for asphalt and narrow trenches)

Which excavator attachment is the best, always depends on what you ultimately intend to do and what your goal is when using the excavator. It is always important to use the right excavator attachments and to make sure that they are actually compatible with your excavator. Otherwise you may be disappointed when you want to start your project but the attachments do not fit your excavator. 

With excavator attachments, however, it is possible to implement very different construction projects. Whether for demolition, underground construction or road construction, at ROCK.ZONE you will find what you are looking for. 

By the way, it is of course not absolutely necessary to buy the excavator directly with various excavator attachments. You can upgrade quickly and easily when the need arises.

Videos of our attachments

Rockcrusher auf Youtube
Rockwheel auf Youtube
Rockscreener auf Youtube

We help you choose the right attachment!

ROCKCRUSHER crusher bucket

The Rockcrusher bucket is a practical excavator rock grinding attachment for many projects. Be aware that the Rockcrusher is available for different weights from 12 to over 35 tons. Now it's to you to choose the version that works best for you and also the penetrating power you need the crusher bucket in practice. 

The crusher bucket is our ultimate excavator crusher attachment. It ends your search for an excavator that can really perform. What makes the Rockcrusher stand out is the practical reverse function, with which you don't have to worry about blockages when crushing. Another interesting feature is the Quattro movement, a unique crushing movement that allows you to achieve success more quickly.

rockscreener screening bucket

Our various Rockscreener screening buckets are attachments for excavators that will convince you above all with their XXL hopper and drum volume. You will achieve faster results when screening soil material and have more fun at work. Choose your suitable Rockscreener from five different devices including an hydraulic screning bucket.

rockwheel attachment Cutter

Last but not least, our Rockwheel attachment millling cutter is a real all-rounder when it comes to milling. You want to mill a narrow trench or a vertical borehole? With over 20 excavator attachments, you'll also have the right excavator cutter head for your construction projects. At ROCK.ZONE, we want to revolutionise the construction industry and provide you with the best equipment.

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Looking for excavator attachments for your next or current construction project? No matter what size project you're on, your excavator is one of your most important helpers on any project, and it can do a lot with the right excavator attachments.

High-quality excavator attachments are a must if you want to successfully implement a construction project. You can consider your excavator as the basis, but you can still optimise it to suit the respective application. Sometimes the basic equipment may already be sufficient for a project, but definitely not for all and certainly not for special tasks.

Very important to us are high quality, strong solutions and innovative functions that will inspire you. With these, you no longer need to fear blockades in the future when you want to crush and advance, quite the opposite. With excavator attachments you will reach your goal even faster and learn how much fun projects can be when you have all the necessary equipment at hand.

Do you have any questions about suitable excavator attachments? Feel free to contact us, we will support you and together we will find the best solution that will lead to the realisation of your projects.



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