Work successfully with minimal material and minimum time.


Rockwheels run on the hammer circuit and only two hydraulic lines are required. The case drain line is not needed.  Read here why the unique valve technology protects the hydraulic motor:

Robust and powerful:

Rockwheels are built for the toughest applications with optimised performance. Only Rockwheel cutting units work with a gear ratio up to 2:1. Read more:


Flagship series

The multi tool for all applications! Whether demolition, trenching, excavation, profiling or much more. Matched to the size of the excavator, you will find the right tool here!


Rockwheel for faster trenching

The tool for the special trenching application. Precise work in pipeline construction.

Fräsen für Bohrungen

Cutting units for vertical holes

The vertical master! The Rockwheel AX is the best choice for holes.
Fast and precise, the AX works its way through the ground with the desired diameter.


Cutting Units for Asphalt - Patch Planers

Use patch planers when you need precise contours or need to remove surfaces efficiently and with precision.


Cutter Buckets

The cutter buckets cut, crush, mix and load without a tool change. The excavated material produced is finely grained and can be directly reused.


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