Rockwheel Advantages

  • 2:1 GEAR RATIO - Geared cutting units with a gear ratio up to 2:1 for maximum torque - invented and unrivalled
  • RUNS WITHIN HAMMER CIRCUIT - Only two hydraulic connections – no case drain line required
  • MOTOR PROTECTION - Valve technology protects the hydraulic motor
  • OPTIMAL PICK LACING - maximum performance and smooth operations
  • EXTREMELY HEAVY-DUTY - for the toughest jobs
  • LONGEST EXPERIENCE ON THE MARKET - technical market leader


Rockwheels get the job done where Buckets fail!

Rockwheel cutting units are perfect for applications, where a bucket would be too weak and a hammer would be excessive.

There are many good reasons for using a Rockwheel cutting unit:

  • Produce an extremely accurate profile in excavation and tunnelling work or in surface preparation
  • Reuse the finely grained excavated material for backfilling
  • Fewer vibrations reduce fatige when working
  • Reduce the risk of damage in and around the site
  • Use the cutting units in noise-sensitive zones, as they are relatively quiet to operate


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74595 Langenburg

  • +49 (0) 79 05 941 99 0



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